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Welcome to our Industry Interview Series!

It's been my goal for some time now to interview our trades people who we work closely with to give a more in depth look at what they do, what homeowners should know before making a big decision and just get to know these wonderful people a little better.

As Designers we are required to know so much about so many products, which lets just face it, it's impossible to know Everything! The people you’re going to meet in this interview series are the unsung heroes of our projects. They’re the ones who supply us with the knowledge to help us make informed decisions, supply quality products/services/installation and help us problem solve along the way (because we’re just going to be honest here and address that there WILL be problems in every project).

I hope you enjoy this series and find it incredibly helpful whether you’re working on your own home or just love to know more about our industry.

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Angela Warner is a 20 year veteran of Warners’ Stellian Appliance. She holds the record for selling the most appliances for the company in a single year and her magnetic personality will draw you in. She is a self-proclaimed appliance geek and is trusted by many industry professionals. When she isn’t talking about the latest appliance trends, this mom of 5 likes to spend time at the hockey rink or channeling her inner Patsy Cline on the karaoke stage.


Industry- Appliance Sales

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Number of years in business-

Over 70 years since my grandpa started it. We are currently run by the 2nd generation (of which there are 9) and I am a working member of the 3rd G of which there is 37 total and 17 of us work full time! My son is the first of the 4G to start working for us!


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Where did the name come from?

My grandpa worked as a bookkeeper in the 60’s for Steve and Lillian Farkas at their appliance little store on Snelling Ave near the state fairgrounds. Stellian was a combination of their first names. He started selling for them when it would get busy and found quickly that he was good at numbers but even better at sales. He quickly became the top salesman. He purchased the business from them in 1971 and assuming that his 9 children would all someday work with him he appropriately renamed it Warners’ Stellian.

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For those who are unfamiliar with your company- what type of products does Warners’ Stellian Carry?

We have over 50 of the best brands of appliances available


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I’ve heard you’re a self-proclaimed “dishwasher whisperer”- why is that?

Dishwashers today are very nuanced and so many times after a client gets a new one there is a learning curve. When clients call and tell us their new dishwasher isn’t cleaning well or drying well, I put my dishwasher whisperer hat on and I don’t give up until we figure out how to get them to LOVE it. It hardly ever is a service issue in the end and often times consumer education. I have succeeded so many times over my 20-year career here that I gave myself that nickname! It is a game to me!


What's your most popular product (or type of product) and why do you think that is?

This is hard because everyone needs a fridge and a dishwasher and laundry but something they don’t need that is very popular today is the steam oven. They are a great way to cook with ease and in a healthful way! They are gaining popularity for sure. I want one in my home!

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What’s the most common appliance homeowners struggle with, and why?

I would say again, dishwashers or washers. They have changed so much in the last 10+ years in terms of how they work due to changes in energy and water efficiency so there are tips and tricks we use to get them to run best for the client. It’s not as simple as just pressing start anymore!


What trends are you seeing in your industry right now?

I am seeing a trend of really beautifully designed appliances. They are designing them to be gorgeous these days and integrate so well into the home. They are not eyesores but works of art in a lot of cases.

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What trends do you hope to never see again?

Woodgrain trim, “orange peel” paint on fridges, almond or biscuit colored anything.


What's the difference between buying from an appliance store vs a big box store or online? It is the experience we provide that sets us apart.

Appliance margins are tight and anyone can compete on pricing so the only thing that really makes us different is the people that work here and the service they provide. We have in house delivery, customer service, and professional installers, and it shows. Our core values are a big part of the daily operation here and Customer Focus is at the heart of those core values.


What should homeowners know before selecting any appliance?

Standard doesn’t really exist anymore so best to know your measurements and limitations before coming in.


What's new/next for Warners’ Stellian?

We are SO excited to announce that we are opening a new store Oct 1st in West Des Moines, Iowa! It is our first location outside of MN. We know we can bring the clients there experience and value that they will love!

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Coffee or Tea?

  • Coffee!! Triple Grade Breve Latte please!

Early Bird or Night Owl? 

  • Both. I don’t need much sleep I guess.

Book or Movie?

  • I am not an avid reader due to time but I always have books going. I am super into books on personal growth and leadership right now.  I am mostly watching PG movies these days!

Sweet or Savory? 

  • Sweet!

Dog or Cat?

  • Dog! We don’t have one but my husband is slowly warming up to the idea and I think we will have one before too long. 

Phone Call or Text?

  • Phone for work and text for personal. I have to work hard to separate the two since I am in a family business and it can be hard to turn work off.

Night In or Night Out?

  • OUT! I don’t like to cook and am super extroverted so love to be with people!

Online or Brick & Mortar?

  • BRICK and MORTAR for sure! I don’t use Amazon or buy anything online if I can help it because I want to shop local for everything even though it is hard as a working mom with limited amounts of time.

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Thank you, Angela, for all your wonderful advice, to learn more you can follow Warner Stellian on social media HERE or check out their website- click the button below!

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