Have you ever struggled to define your design style ...you're not strictly traditional or modern, farmhouse or urban loft, but you don’t exactly understand what “transitional” style means either? I hear you, I also battle with what to call my style. I hear my clients say all the time- I know what I like when I see it or I think I have good taste but I don’t know how to put it together! These are VERY common phrases I hear from my family, friends, and clients. That's why I’ve created these new “Look of the Month” posts where I’ll introduce you to a new style and how to create some of my favorite looks.

This month I’m showing you how to achieve Rustic Traditional style with some of my favorite current pieces. This look is all about mixing the right elements like taking a traditional dining table but doing it in a light color with distressing for a rustic take on the look. Or paring rusty metals with a tailored sofa. Natural colored elements and high contrast are the secrets to success for a rustic traditional look.

I hope we can introduce you to a few new styles, help clarify what your style preferences are and maybe inspire you to try something new! Make sure to leave a comment below and subscribe so you never miss a post!



  • Your lighting is a great place to bring in a rustic element, whether a natural material like this woven pendant or a cool antler chandelier use sparingly so it doesn’t feel overdone

  • When sticking with a rustic theme use elements in their most natural color, bright colors will feel very modern

  • Rustic lighting should have a softness about it, by that I mean you don’t want it too bright. If you select a single bulb fixture it will give you a soft ambiance for that rustic feel



  • Layering different art styles and colors will give you that traditional feel even if the subject matter isn’t necessarily traditional 

  • Don’t be afraid to mix frames in different colors and shapes this will give it a collected gallery look that feels traditional 

  • When picking artwork, always go with your gut and buy what speaks to you- there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to what kind of art you like


Tables & Casegoods 

  • This table is a perfect example of how you can marry Rustic and Traditional- we have a classic pedestal base round table (traditional) but in a natural wood tone with light distressing (rustic) 

  • Look for vintage or antique pieces that are traditional in a style but have some wear and tear giving it a rustic vibe 

  • If you fall in love with a rustic table just be sure to pair it with something traditional to soften the look- like chairs, rugs, light fixture, etc



  • Mixing in a rustic chair with a traditional table will make the room more interesting

  • Contrasting a dark chair with a light table will give you a rustic feel, anything too matchy would feel traditional 

  • Don’t be afraid to mix multiple chair styles and colors against a traditional table for a cool eclectic look



  • Rusty metal accessories (like planters) paired with a piece of tailored furniture will give you a nice contrast for a Rustic Traditional look

  • Using elements that look like they’re meant for outdoors will give your space a rustic feel 

  • Don’t be afraid to go a little larger with the scale of your accessories, for example, these planters might feel big next to a sofa but will add a dramatic and unexpected element to the room


Floor Covering

  • This is where you can really dial up your Rustic or Traditional style- with a heavily textured rug you can make the room feel casual and rustic OR you can use a very traditional patterned rug if you lean more traditional 

  • Wood floors can go Rustic or Traditional, a wider floorboard in a lighter finish will come across more rustic and a skinnier floorboard in a darker finish looks more traditional either way, I like to add a rug for warmth no matter your style

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As of October 2019 all of these items were current and still available. If you have found this post and the items are no longer available we apologize, however, we hope you still found inspiration and gained some insight on how to achieve this look! For additional questions please reach out we’d love to hear from you! You can drop us a note HERE

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