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 Design Services - Signature Packages


Design in a Day

Price $500

Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a designer, but wanted to execute on your own? We offer a 90 minute in home Design in a Day Consultation where we answer questions, provide feedback and outline a plan for clients to finish on their own. After our meeting we follow up with an email outlining what we discussed for you to use as a design guide and answer any final questions. Drive time to and from the appointment are included, additional fees may apply if outside of the Twin Cities area.

Design Direction

Also known as “E-Design”

$1500/Room | $1200 for Each Additional Room

Are you looking for some serious help but don’t want to make the investment of full service design? We create a complete design plan for you (select & layout furniture, source accessories, paint, lighting & window treatments) and the homeowner is responsible for executing on their own. All design boards can be presented digitally or in person, meaning we can work with you remotely or locally.

Full Service

Inquire for estimate, minimum budget of $25,000

We start by setting up an Initial Consultation a the house to look over the project in person, then provide a customized estimate for your project. For this service we take care of every aspect of the project from measure, design, presentation, ordering and installing so you have a completed space at the end of the project. We work with trades on any construction needed and closely monitor the project throughout the process.


Design Services - Basic Packages


Paint Consultation

Price $250

This is a 45 minute in home Consultation where we select paint colors for as many spaces an you need and provide you with large swatches to view the colors after we’ve left. We always recommend “living” with a color for a day or two before committing so you can see it in different types of light (morning, afternoon, night). After our meeting, we will follow up with a list of our paint color selections and answer any final questions. Drive time to and from the appointment are included, additional fees may apply if outside of the Twin Cities area.

*Please be aware the the consult is only for paint colors and minor decorating questions that pertain to the paint color selections, larger products like furnishings and remodel are more involved and require a more substantial time commitment-please see our other packages for these type of projects.

Designer on Call

Price $150/HR

Ever run into a problem - like picking the wrong paint color or order something and weren’t sure when it got delivered? Don’t worry, we’re here for you! We are on call to help talk through the problem and come up with a sensible solution.

This is a one time appointment where we step in to evaluate the issue and give you the information needed to solve the issue on your own. If further design services are needed to help resolve the issue we can review our packages to see what would be the best fit.

*All requests will be answered within 2 business days, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to speak or meet with you immediately. We will do our best to fit you into our schedule ASAP but please know our calendar fills up quickly.


The Process

 Wondering how the Design Process Works? Here’s an overview of what to expect: 


Phase 1- Onboarding

This is where we get to know you/your project and while it requires a little bit of work on your end the more work you do up front, the smoother the rest of the project will go. 

  • Step 1: Fill out New Client Inquiry form on website

  • Step 2: Schedule a Discovery Phone Call

  • Step 3: Fill out Questionnaire & share inspiration images

  • Step 4: Pre-Pay for Initial Consultation

  • Step 5: Consultation at Clients Home

  • Step 6: Design Estimate sent to Client

  • Step 7: Letter of Agreement Signed

Phase 2- Design 

Now it's our turn to take all your information and create your vision for your home. We research, make selections, collect samples, draft floor plans and elevations, and create beautiful and easy to understand presentations. This is where we present and finalize all finishes and furniture selections.  

Phase 3- Ordering/Construction

Depending on the package this could mean plans and finishes have been selected or furniture has been finalized and we’re ready to get things on order.

Phase 4- Installation 

This is where it all comes together! The furniture is here, walls are painted and the construction portion of the project is complete and now we get to put it all together. 

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