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Photography by  Woodford Sisters

Photography by Woodford Sisters

Welcome to our Industry Interview Series!

It's been my goal for some time now to interview our trades people who we work closely with to give a more in depth look at what they do, what homeowners should know before making a big decision and just get to know these wonderful people a little better.

As Designers we are required to know so much about so many products, which lets just face it, it's impossible to know Everything! The people you’re going to meet in this interview series are the unsung heroes of our projects. They’re the ones who supply us with the knowledge to help us make informed decisions, supply quality products/services/installation and help us problem solve along the way (because we’re just going to be honest here and address that there WILL be problems in every project).

I hope you enjoy this series and find it incredibly helpful whether you’re working on your own home or just love to know more about our industry.

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Lets Dive in!

Photography by  Woodford Sisters

Photography by Woodford Sisters

Tell us about OrgaNice-

I have always loved organizing, sorting and creating systems in my own life, and find it incredibly rewarding to help others conquer their clutter and literally change the feel of the room by organizing. People have a very strong connection to their belongings, so inviting a professional organizer into your home and into your closets and pantries can be an intimate thing. It involves a lot of conversation and brainstorming about the way you use your stuff and your space, and there’s definitely a little life-coaching thrown in for good measure. I love the challenge of solving my client’s specific concerns, big or small!

Business Profile:

Photography by  Woodford Sisters

Photography by Woodford Sisters

Industry- Professional Organizing

Number of years in business- 1

Phone 612-298-1656



Facebook: OrgaNice Professional Organizing Services

Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest: @OrgaNice_MN

Photography by  Woodford Sisters

Photography by Woodford Sisters

Our Interview with kielyn:


Tell us a little more about the services you offer?

Home or office organizing – decluttering, sorting, creating new systems

Move prep and coordination, packing and unpacking

Specialty services for moms and families – baby prep, sorting and organizing, child-proofing

Specialty services for seniors – downsizing, decluttering, environmental suggestions for safety

Photography by  Woodford Sisters

Photography by Woodford Sisters

No. 2

What's your most popular service and why do you think that is?

Most of my clients hire me for a particular room or closet that they have tried to organize many times without success. Some have me work my way through their home over time, with the frequency determined by the client. Some clients work on organizing with me exclusively, and others ask for homework in between sessions. It’s hard to pick the most popular service because my clients vary so much! I love to organize any space, but my most favorite are kitchens/pantries and closets!


What trends are you seeing in your industry right now?

Definitely Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy” method – if it doesn’t spark joy, don’t keep it. For some clients, this strategy really works, but for many it doesn’t address the many factors that lead people to hold on to their belongings.

Photography by  Woodford Sisters

Photography by Woodford Sisters


Why hire a professional to help you get organized?

If you have been trying to work on a space for a while and have hit a roadblock, or if your home just doesn’t feel good or feels too full or cluttered, then a professional organizer can help you finally tackle your project. Many of my clients just need help getting systems in place that work for their family, and then maintaining it feels much more manageable.


What are your favorite resources for organizing products?

You can find organizing products at all price points – I have found bins, totes and other organizing supplies at The Dollar Store, Target and The Container Store. But I always tell my clients not to start with purchasing products to help with organizing. Buying supplies without organizing and decluttering is only half of the process!


What can homeowners do to maximize their space?

First, reduce and make sure that everything you have in your space is useful, beautiful or loved.  Then sort like with like to find duplicates and excess. Once you know what you need, THEN you can buy storage containers.  You can also use the boxes and containers that come into your life as a matter of course, like shoeboxes, to-go containers, or small boxes that come with makeup or jewelry.


Any common misconceptions that homeowners should know about?

Lots of people think an organizer will just come in and tell you to throw out everything, which is absolutely not true! I think my clients are also surprised by how much we can get done in a 3 hour session.

Photography by  Woodford Sisters

Photography by Woodford Sisters

This or That

Lets get to know Kielyn a little better…

Coffee  or Tea?

  • BOTH! Coffee in the morning and unsweetened iced tea at lunchtime. Apparently I’m 80 and cut off my caffeine after 12 noon

Early Bird or Night Owl?

  • I used to be a night owl, but since I had my daughter I’m an early bird by necessity!

Book or Movie?

  • Book, always!

Sweet or Savory?

  • Savory fo sho.  I could live on bread and butter or chips and dip.  I DON’T live on the same for obvious reasons.

Dog or Cat?

  • I have both, but I much prefer dogs!

Phone Call or Text?

  • I am a fan of the good old-fashioned phone call, but partially that’s out of impatience for long drawn out text conversations.

Night In or Night Out?

  • Both! I love both!

Online or Brick & Mortar?

  • Out of convenience I vote online, but I do love the experience of going into a physical store.

Photography by  Woodford Sisters

Photography by Woodford Sisters

Thank you Kielyn for all your wonderful advice, to learn more you can follow OrgaNice on social media HERE or check out her website- click the button below!