Look of the Month: Organic Modern

Have you ever struggled to define your design style ...you're not strictly traditional or modern, farmhouse or urban loft, but you don’t exactly understand what “transitional” style means either? I hear you, I also battle with what to call my style. I hear my clients say all the time- I know what I like when I see it or I think I have good taste but I don’t know how to put it together! These are VERY common phrases I hear my friends, family, and clients. That's why I’ve created these new “Look of the Month” posts where I’ll introduce you to a new style and how to create some of my favorite looks. 

This month I’m sharing how to achieve an Organic Modern style with some of my favorite current pieces. This look is about casual, comfortable elements in soft neutral colors while maintaining clean lines for a more modern feel. You can mix in more rustic elements for a more casual feel or bright pops of color and shiny metals if you want it to lean more modern. The beauty of this style is it's collected and organic so it's just about finding a nice balance of old and new that works for you.

I hope we can introduce you to a few new looks, help clarify what your style preferences are and maybe inspire you to try something new! Make sure to leave a comment below and subscribe so you never miss a post! 

Let's get started!



  • Keep your lighting soft, using dimmable bulbs wherever you can

  • Edison style bulbs with exposed filaments will give you that casual look 

  • Use layers of light to give you control over the type of light you want at different times of day (table & floor lamps, wall sconces and overhead lights)

  • Don’t be afraid to mix metals, wood tones and rustic with modern styles



  • Leather can be more modern feeling but when you mix it with a rustic natural wood frame it takes on a whole new feel 

  • Rich brown colors, like this leather, have an earthy feel to them that add warmth to a room

  • The openness of this accent chair would work well in any space, remember you don’t want everything to be solid, give your room space to breathe by incorporating open legged chairs and tables



  • Use soft neutral colors in warm tones to keep your space from feeling too cold and unwelcoming 

  • Light beiges, taupes, warm grays, off-whites and pastels are a safe bet 

  • The point of using a neutral color on the wall is so you can make your other pieces in the room stand out, the walls should wrap around you and set the tone without stealing the show



  • Rugs are one of the best and easiest way to bring in pattern, color and texture into a space

  • Busy patterns will be more forgiving and hide more of the everyday traffic and accidents 

  • Rugs can be a great way to tie the whole color scheme together

  • If you’re nervous about patterns, focus on adding texture- sisal and chunky wood rugs work great for adding interest



  • Create layers in your space for that cozy vibe, take it a step beyond pillows and add a throw or 2 around the room

  • having a throw draped over your sofa or in a basket nearby will give a casual “kick your feet up” kind of feel 

  • Use a throw as an opportunity to bring in a new color to the scheme, I like how this cool colored gray throw contrasts against all the warm colors in the room



  • The clean lines of this track arm sofa give a modern feel, but when you mix it with the slipcover it dresses it down a bit, like wearing jeans with high heels 

  • We recommend keeping the upholstery neutral, as your tastes and decor changes over the years your sofa will continue as a staple in the space 

  • Try adding fun pillows with lots of texture or color to add personality

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Please note: As of September 2019 all of these items are current and still available. If you have found this post and the items are no longer available we apologize, however, we hope you still found inspiration and gained some insight on how to achieve this look! For additional questions please reach out we’d love to hear from you! You can drop us a note HERE