It’s hard to believe it, but summer is almost at an end. And while I could definitely use a few more of those sun-filled beach days with my kids, I’ve got to admit that I’m also a little excited for fall. There’s just something about those crisp days right around the corner that have me ready for a fresh season and new vibes. To help you get ready for the upcoming shift, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ways to prep your home. Because before we know it, those kiddos will be off to their new classrooms and we’ll all be swapping beach bags for backpacks. So kick back, light that pumpkin spice candle, and get ready to refresh your space - cheers!




Whether you’ve got a mudroom that just needs a bit of organization, or you’re in the process of adding one to your home, this part of the house is all about function. As the go-to landing zone for everything from keys and leashes to purses and backpacks, it’s essential to take some time to de-clutter the area and swap out summer items to make space for fall’s necessities. Make sure to incorporate handy elements like hooks and a rug that’s large enough for everyone’s shoes, too - the more intentional each part of the space is, the easier it will be for the whole family to (mostly) keep things in order!


We all need a quiet space in the house where we can think, so creating a workspace dedicated to homework and managing household bills and projects is a must have. Of course, the trick to a successful office realm is to make sure it’s tucked away from major traffic patterns so you can get some privacy and use it as a spot to stash junk away from guests in a flash. And as long as you incorporate good lighting, a comfy chair, and some key organization stations, you’ll be ready to let those creative juices loose!


Tired of looking at the same walls you’ve had for years on end? Then now is the perfect time to add a fresh coat of paint. Whether you want to go for a brand new color or simply need to cover up those scuffs and marks after daily wear and tear, a paint refresh is a cost effective and easy way to update your home. Personally, I’m loving soft shades of blue and cream right now, and I promise that with hues as gorgeous as these, your space will feel timeless and chic in no time.


Just because fall and winter tend to call for deeper and moodier color palettes doesn’t mean you need to completely overhaul your entire home’s look. Instead, opt for simple decor upgrades to usher in a new vibe. Try swapping out a few accessories with pieces you already have (think decorative boxes, bowls, vases, photos, or artwork), or shift things around to new locations - these easy breezy changes can work wonders for transforming your space and can bring about a whole new aesthetic you’ll absolutely love for fall.

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