It’s July, which means I’m all about soaking up the sun at the beach and pool, and there’s nothing better than doing so with a can’t-put-it-down summer read. So, to celebrate that stack of must-read books, I’m sharing my tips for styling the perfect bookcase this month. After all, you need a spot for all those novels once you’ve hit their final pages, and there’s no better way to display them than with a curated collection of your favorite things. Read on for more details - I’ve got a feeling you’ll have your dream shelfie before you know it.




The key to an all-around cohesive look with your bookcase is to keep things balanced. You want your eye to naturally move from side to side, so in order to do that, it’s important to layer a variety of books and decor. Intersperse the items so that you don’t have one side that’s too heavy visually, and don’t be afraid to add a little height with some framed photos or artwork. With a range of shapes and sizes, your bookshelf will be Pinterest-ready in a snap.


Why line up all of your books the same way when you can keep things interesting instead? Go for an eclectic vibe and display your books vertically, horizontally, backwards, and forwards - the different set ups will give your shelf a well-loved aesthetic that’s both stylish and functional. For instance, too-tall books can easily be placed on their side so they fit in the shelf, and books with bright bindings that clash with your decor can still be displayed with the pages out for a neutral chic look. Whatever the size of your book collection, give yourself the freedom to change up the “normal” display options and I guarantee it’ll be pure decor magic.


Tired of all of your random personal “stuff” being scattered around the house? Why not use your bookshelf as an opportunity to create a curated collection? By pairing your books with your beloved artwork and decor elements, it’ll give your shelf an instant upgrade and make it look like it was taken straight out of a decor magazine.


The scale of the items on your shelf is so important - if you have a too-small or too-large item sitting by itself, it can look out of place and make the entire bookshelf feel off. To avoid falling into this trap, you want to make sure to take a step back and view the bookshelf as a whole. When you look at it, where does your eye go? Is there enough breathing room or are things jam-packed together and giving off a cluttered vibe? Creating a sense of harmony between the objects on your shelves is a must have, and when things are to scale, the entire picture will come together seamlessly.

Laura EngenComment