Perfecting Your Patio Style

Summer isn’t officially here until the 21st, but with this gorgeous weather, it’s definitely here in spirit! To celebrate, of course, there’s nothing better than settling into a newly updated patio. So this month, I’m talking all about how to get your perfect patio style down pat. Because whether you’re a fan of clean modern lines or prefer a more whimsical and boho look, you deserve to kick back with a glass of ice-cold lemonade on the patio of your dreams. So, read on for inspiration – I’ve got a feeling you’ll be heading to your fave outdoor décor shops to upgrade your space stat!




With boho patio style, more is more, and since this look is all about layers, the more vibrant your colors, patterns, and textures are, the more you’ll be right on point with the overall aesthetic. For décor, be sure to incorporate plenty of unique pieces like ceramic stools, lanterns with candles, and lots of draped fabrics – remember, you’re going for an all-over relaxed and inviting vibe, so you can’t go wrong with lots of mood lighting and cushy seating spots. If this style is your jam, it’s all about embracing that lounging lifestyle!


As gorgeous as coastal style can be, people tend to automatically opt for the kitsch factor, piling on prints covered in seashells or anchors. The key with this look, though, is that while you definitely want to keep things inspired by coastal elements, you also want everything to feel classic and timeless. So, go for simple and airy vibes with light wood tones, blue and white shades, and timeless woven and striped patterns. I guarantee that it’ll give you all those crisp ocean vibes you long for (but without the theme-heavy décor).


You can never go wrong with a good farmhouse-styled space, and since it’s defined by all things effortless and fresh, you’ll want to choose furniture and décor in warm earthy tones, and add in pops of materials that evoke a rustic charm (like iron, galvanized steel, and weathered woods). To top it all off, be sure to hang a string of café lights - it’ll give your patio that open-air warmth of summer nights, making you feel right at home and more than ready for the entertaining season.


For the modern lovers out there, you’ll want to keep your patio chic and sleek with clean lines, simple neutral colors (think white, grey, and black), shiny metals, concrete accents, and solid colors without a lot of pattern. The trick to this look is to maintain a streamlined vibe across the board, so avoid rounded, more traditional shapes and silhouettes whenever possible. Feel like you still need to soften up those geometric forms? Add in a few natural elements like plants and florals – they’ll instantly give your space that homey touch we all love this time of year!

Laura EngenComment