Embracing "Grown-Up" Style

Life transitions are major game changers in terms of home style. Whether you’re a young couple moving from an apartment to your first home, your kids have grown out of their playroom/toy stage, or you’re newly empty nesters, upgrading your home is a must have to keep up with your upcoming lifestyle shift. In times like these, it’s all about embracing your “grown-up” style, so this month, I’m diving into my favorite ways to make your home fit the new you. Sometimes, all it takes is a few simple tweaks and you’ve got a brand-new space you can be proud to call your own. 




Having “grown-up” style doesn’t mean you have to spend a million dollars on everything. Instead, go for a curated look by mixing more expensive quality pieces with thrifted and hand-me-down pieces – the result will feel sophisticated and inviting. Not sure where to start? First, think about where you spend your time the most – is it the dining room? Living room? Whatever the space, I recommend opting for a neutral base (for your sofa, table, etc.), then layering décor on top of it to make your personality pop. Similar to starting a wardrobe on a budget, if you begin with a classic and quality piece like a black sweater or structured jeans, you can pair them with anything and wear them over and over again without anyone noticing. It’s a stylist’s go-to secret ;)


Even though you may spend the majority of your time in your home’s shared areas, you definitely don’t want to forget about stylng out your bedroom. It’s usually the last thing on people’s minds (probably because guests don’t usually see it), but it’s essential to creating a relaxing and calming space for you to unwind at the end of each day. And nothing feels more grown up than a beautiful bedroom with hotel-inspired crisp bedding and fluffy pillows. So, to achieve the look, make sure you find a comfortable bed you can sink into, add fun bedding that fits your style, then top it all off with plenty of throw pillows and maybe a blanket at the foot of the bed for added warmth. Oh, and remember – it doesn’t have to be expensive – just stick to what’s comfortable and chic, and you’ll absolutely love your new and improved room.


Looking to add a splash of luxury to your revamped home? The best way to accomplish this is to use black and white or light and dark combinations within your space. Try an accent wall, or paint your trim and doors in a bold and moody hue, then pair it with a fresh white sofa or soft cream accessories. The bolder the contrast, the better, and as long as you keep your colors within the same family (e.g. neutrals or cooler vs. warmer tones), then everything will feel collected and perfectly aligned. And P.S. – don’t forget to add a touch of metallic throughout your space – a well-positioned antique-style brass lamp can instantly give your room that va-va-voom you crave!


The best way to open up your space without having to do extensive (and expensive) remodeling is actually quite simple – add mirrors! They almost act like windows in a room, reflecting light and making everything feel much larger than it actually is. Rather than feeling boxed in, the space feels like it extends beyond your four walls, and of course, having mirrors means plenty of opportunities to double check that amazing outfit before you walk out the door. Not too shabby, if you ask me!

Laura EngenComment