Update Your Basement in Style

image source:  Jean Stoffer Design

image source: Jean Stoffer Design

It’s March, which means spring is happening, people! Who else is crazy excited that it’s right around the corner (even if we still have snow everywhere)?! This month, I’m all about refreshing things for the new season, and while I’ve been dreaming of wearing flats and adorable dresses again, I’ve also had basement upgrades on my mind.  Personally, I think it’s one of the most overlooked spots in the house. We all tend to save it for last whenever we’re doing rehab fixes, and that means whatever outdated design is currently there stays there a long time. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Read on for my favorite ways to add stylish updates to your basement – from trim color to a new ceiling, these elements will have you loving that neglected space as much (if not more) than the rest of your home!




image source:  Ashe + Leandro

image source: Ashe + Leandro

Most of my clients’ basements have oak trim that definitely needs an update. It’s functional, yes, but why not make it stand out from the crowd? I absolutely love painting trim in a cool accent color, and while it might seem like a risk, I promise it looks incredible when it’s done. Especially paired with a plain neutral wall color, it manages to make a totally unique statement. Plus, since the basement is completely separate from the rest of the house, there’s no reason your trim has to match the upstairs. Use this space to toss a little personality in the mix – it really livens things up!


Have unfinished ceilings that do nothing but collect cobwebs? Or, maybe you’ve got a yellowing drop ceiling that makes you cringe every time you walk downstairs? Regardless, doing a ceiling revamp will instantly transform your space and make it feel inviting and chic. And you don’t have to opt for simple sheetrock, either – use your basement ceiling as an opportunity to add interest and get creative. I love incorporating beams, paneling, or materials like these wood slats – they easily hide all the vents and wires you don’t want to look at and double up as a visual accent, too. Feel free to paint or stain your ceiling as well for a different look – just make sure to keep it light and bright so the height feels taller and more open.


If you’ve never thought about adding a fireplace to your basement, you should definitely consider it. Not only does it create a focal point in the room, but it also adds much-needed warmth to the coldest spot in the house. And if you don’t want to hassle with building fires (it isn’t practical or enjoyable for everyone), you can always opt for a gas insert instead – both make for a toasty space you’ll never want to leave.


For open concept basements, things can easily get lost in the mix. Walls seem to fade into each other, and sometimes it all just feels a bit too alike. The best way to add dimension to a space like this is to create an accent wall. I recommend using wood paneling or wallpaper, and the bolder you go, the more intriguing the overall vibe will be. It’ll help to define certain areas and will also create a beautiful anchor point that’s simply irresistible.

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