How to Design Your Dream Playroom

image source:  Creative Minds Grow

image source: Creative Minds Grow

Just because playrooms have a tendency to get a bit, well, messy, doesn’t mean they have to totally sacrifice in the style department. You can definitely create the playroom of you and your kids’ dreams - all it takes is a little creativity and ingenuity. Plus, with a ton of indoor play time still ahead of us before spring arrives, having an upgraded playroom can make all the difference. Read on for my top tips on making this space the favorite in the house - from new and improved lighting to comfy and cozy furniture, I guarantee your kids will fall in love instantly.




image source:  Magnolia

image source: Magnolia

The reality of a playroom is a fun, but chaotic, world, which means that keeping it looking nice can be a real challenge. To help you keep your sanity, try incorporating easy-to-reach and simple organizational solutions like cups hung on the walls or color-coded boxes for different types of toys. If everything has its rightful place, it’ll be that much easier for your kids to help out with sorting and cleaning up. Plus, incorporating “clean up” as part of the playroom expectations can give your kids a sense of pride and motivation to keep it as neat as possible (after all - it’s so much more enjoyable for them if they know exactly where to find that beloved toy)!


image source:  Crate and Barrel

image source: Crate and Barrel

In any room, it’s essential to have a variety of lighting options - from bright overhead fixtures to window treatments and lamps with soft evening glows - and for playrooms, that’s especially true. Whether your kids are working on a colorful craft project that needs a full stream of brightness, or they’re settling in for some quiet reading time in a corner nook, varying your light is a must in order to create a space that helps encourage their creativity. Just be sure to opt for lamps, wall sconces, and/or ceiling fixtures that are kid friendly (you never know when they’ll decide to play a round of hockey indoors!).


image source:  elledecor

image source: elledecor

Finding a balance between comfort and function is always key in a playroom. Since little ones LOVE to spend a lot of time on the floor, you definitely want to make sure you have something comfortable for them to sit on. If you have hard surfaces, go for a rug to soften things up, or if you have carpet already, consider upgrading to something fresh and new (so you avoid exposing your kids to years of dust and other buildup). Durability is really important, too, so you’ll want to think about how you’re going to use the space. For instance, crafts are a ton of fun, but can be messy (so all-white carpets are probably not the best bet), and certain toys won’t work well with more plush rug options. Ultimately, the trick is to find a happy medium that’s best for your needs and still allows for plenty of play options!


image source:  Brit + Co

image source: Brit + Co

What’s a playroom without a giant dose of fun and excitement?! Use this room as an opportunity to get creative with colorful painted walls, patterned wallpaper, a bright rug, unique carpet tiles, or crazy artwork. Don’t worry too much about having everything fit perfectly into the rest of your house’s style, either - your kids’ playroom should feel special and different. After all, it’s their own little getaway where they can let their imaginations run wild!  Not sure where to begin? Have your kids get involved! Whether they’re helping to pick out colors or a theme, they’ll absolutely love to have a role in the creative process, and it’ll help them feel a sense of ownership and personalization of the space.


image source:  Pinterest

image source: Pinterest

Finally, don’t forget about furniture! Kids are all about variety and need a range of spaces where they can plop down to do different activities, so it’s important to provide plenty of nooks and hideaways for them to enjoy. Comfy bean bag chairs are always great for lounging, and if they love art and coloring activities, consider incorporating a fun table and chairs where they can spread out all of their supplies. Or, if they love to pretend they’re going camping or prefer a quiet spot to read a book, prop up a tent or hang a little canopy for them to use (bonus tip - add strings of battery-operated LED lights - it’ll make them feel like they’re under the stars!). There are endless options to choose from, and you’re sure to have a blast coming up with ways to make their playroom their favorite place in the world.

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