Transitioning Your Patio from Summer to Fall

As we head into August, it’s time to prep your patio to transition from summer to fall – after all, we still tend to get pretty amazing weather through October here in Minnesota, which means we can all keep patio season thriving for a few more months (yaaaaas!). So check out my tips below for shifting your outdoor getaway into the cooler months – I’ve got a feeling you’ll be outside every chance you get!

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At this point, those summer flowers have hit their stride and probably have just a few more weeks left to thrive. So what better way to welcome fall than to swap them out for autumn blooms? Mums and kale are great options, and though it’s a little early to add fall favorites like gourds or pumpkins, start planning ahead so you can easily coordinate your fall décor down the line. If you add things in one bit at a time, decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving will be a snap.


Sad as it may be that the days are getting progressively shorter, that doesn’t mean you have to head inside once the sunlight wanes. Instead, add extra lighting to your patio to make the party last well into the evening. Try stringing up café lights (a personal fav), or add groupings of lanterns with flameless candles for a soft and welcoming glow.


image source: The Citizenry

image source: The Citizenry

Though we can pretty much count on summer weather through the bulk of September, as we head into the fall months, the temps will definitely start to drop. To stay warm outside, drape a throw or two over the arm of your patio sofa and chairs so you can toss it over your shoulders on a chilly night. Then all you need to top it off is a piping hot mug of cider in your hands (I’m dreaming of it already!).


If you haven’t added a fire pit to your patio, now is definitely the time to do it! Picture that first cool fall sunset of the season – the leaves have turned, there’s a certain crisp feeling to the night, and you’re cozy as can be taking it all in thanks to the roaring fire out in the open air. It’s the perfect scenario, am I right? Plus, who says summer is the only time to enjoy s’mores? Pop out the fixins and roast those delish desserts up as you enjoy the change in seasons. You’ll be hooked in no time.


Make sure to either invest in furniture covers for outdoor pieces, or plan a safe place to store them over the winter. Mountains of snow sitting on them for months on end can wreak havoc and ruin them for good. Why spend money every summer to buy a whole new set when you can make yours last for years to come? Though it’s not a particularly exciting task, I promise it’ll be totally worth it in the end.

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