Summer Curb Appeal Upgrades

Summer is in full swing, and I’m loving it! But in between all the lake days and BBQ parties, it’s also a great opportunity for you to tackle that home improvement list – especially since we only get this amazing weather for a few months (womp, womp). So this month I’ve rounded up my favorite ways to give your home a curb appeal upgrade, and I’ve got a feeling you’ll want to bust out those tools ASAP. After all, is there anything better than sitting back and admiring that “wow” factor of a transformation?! Your house will be the belle of the ball (or neighborhood) before you can say “DIY.” And that’s the kind of summer I’m all about. Enjoy!

x, Laura


Your outdoor light fixture is one of the first things guests see when they arrive, so why not let it stand out? There are so many gorgeous outdoor lighting options, so there’s no reason you have to keep the fixture that came with your home when you bought it. Get creative and let your style shine (pun intended). Outdoor light fixture styles range from farmhouse chic to modern and sleek, which means you have the opportunity to tailor your lighting to whatever look you’re going for in your home. Plus, changing out a fixture is pretty inexpensive, so you get a ton of bang for your buck. It’ll look so good, you’ll want to keep that bulb burning 24/7!


image source: Hector M. Sanchez / Domino    

image source: Hector M. Sanchez / Domino


I LOVE a good door color upgrade. It’s honestly the easiest way to make a statement, and it’s an instant welcome signal to your guests. The trick with painting your door, though, is to make sure you choose the right shade for your home. Not all colors will turn out the same in the sunlight, and while they may look great in the hardware store aisle, once you get them on a full door outside, it could look very different. I recommend getting a few samples from the store and testing each shade out on a piece of wood before you commit to a full gallon and swipe it on your door. That way you can see which one you like the best next to your siding, and which one is the right hue for the amount of sunlight that hits your front entrance.  


Shutters give a home instant class. There’s just something so charming about a pair of them around a window. It’s the perfect way to add visual interest and give your home a sense of timelessness. If you’re more of a neutral lover, try incorporating stained or reclaimed wood shutters for a more natural look. Or, if you’re willing to add a little show-stopping action, opt for a color pop to shake things up (some of my favorite shades right now for shutters are crisp blacks and soft mint-inspired blues and greens).


From pergolas to picket fences, there are so many amazing ways to spruce up the entrance to your home and backyard. If you’ve already got a solid fence in place, try upgrading your gate for a new look. You could give it a fresh coat of paint to make it pop (bonus idea: paint it the same shade as your new shutters!), or consider replacing it with a unique design that adds personality. If you’re considering adding or replacing a fence, opt for a fence with visual interest like a pergola or a trellis – both give you the flexibility to add vines and climbing flowers to your space (which means both beauty and extra privacy). A new fence can instantly make your home and garden feel brand new.

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