Now & Then


Hooray! March marks the 5-year anniversary of LEID! We thought it would be fun to reflect back on Now and Then, check out our list to see what’s changed over the years and what’s still the same.
 talk to you soon! x, Laura

shiplap love: 

Hard to imagine what HGTV looked like 5 years ago before the first episode of Fixer Upper aired and Joanna made us all fall in love with shiplap. What was once covered up or torn out of old homes is now highly sought after and coveted by designers and homeowners everywhere. From small cottages to grand homes shiplap has found a place in mainstream design.

not so new: 

According to the Internet 2013 was officially the year that everyone started wearing “sportswear” as everyday apparel …only difference is now it has its own category, known as athleisure. What does that have to do with design? How we dress says a lot about how we live our lives at home. Design continues to follow a trend of casual living with washable fabrics and comfort being at the forefront.

gray, gray, and more gray:

Do you remember when gray was everywhere (not that it isn’t today too) but interior trends have evolved to a softer brighter palette with whites and creams as the backdrop with bright pops of bright color. These days I'm seeing more gray cabinets and sofas with white walls where gray is the accent not the backdrop.

you want me to put what on my walls?

I heard this all the time when I was first starting out. No one wanted wallpaper. Today, however, clients are asking for it all the time. It's no secret I LOVE wallpaper. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t recommend doing every room in the house, but in the appropriate spaces it makes such an impact! 

work life balance: 


Last but certainly not least, my family. 5 years ago, I was newly married and kid-free. It seems impossible to image what life must have felt like without a kid attached to my hip! In fact, my youngest is sitting on my lap as I type this, just another day at the office around here. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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