Extend Your Patio Life: Six Fire Pits to Cozy Up to This Fall

Feeling the chill in the air? That familiar freeze is coming down the pike again. You may be packing up your summer clothes but don’t pack away your patio just yet. Here are the chicest ways to extend your patio life this fall. Grab a blanket and cozy up to fall with these great ideas. Whether you do it yourself or shop the sales, keep your patio open until the snow flies.

Esschert Design Fire Bowl: 

Available at Target! And probably going on sale soon. This simple bowl functions in modern and traditional spaces. It is portable and small enough to store so it can be stashed through those hot summer nights and brought back out when cooler nights set in. A small space, oval version can be found on Houzz.


La Hacienda’s Steel Chiminea:

This little chiminea is the perfect solution for small spaces. A chiminea is any freestanding, front loading fireplace. They usually have a bulbous end and a vertical smoke vent or chimney.The solid back allows it to be placed in a corner without damaging the exterior of your home or your fence. It also helps to maximize patio space with functional furniture rather than a large fire pit. It is available at the lowest price on Wayfair.com.


Fire House:

This traditional piece takes on some refreshing modern lines. The Fire House fire pit is the perfect scale for a larger patio space. It will also work as a beautiful centerpiece for a medium sized yard. Watch Target’s sales as the summer nears a close to keep an eye out for this traditional charmer. It is also available at several other online retailers.


Make Use of Your Old Washing Machine:

There is some assembly required for this fire pit but it is well worth a little elbow grease. Find the tutorial here. The full frame design keeps embers from popping out and damaging outdoor rugs and furniture. Plus, all those little holes that dot the sides will create the most exciting effect against the night sky in your backyard this fall.


Continuing the DIY Train…

This is a tabletop accent but these principles can be easily tailored to create a larger version. The version pictured requires only two large bowls, concrete mix and some gel fire. Check out this tutorial to make your own. And if you are interested in a larger version, be prepared to ruin a couple kiddie pools.


Steel Log Storage:

If you opt for a wood burning fire pit, this great log rack will give you a chic way to store all that firewood. The curved design makes logs easy to access and the opening at the bottom makes it easy to keep your kindling separate. Perfect for a large patio or backyard, the modern lines and traditional materials work well in any space. It is available at Frontgate.com along with some smaller versions if you have a smaller space to decorate.  

Excuse us while we go chop some fire wood. Whether you're roasting marshmallows or just enjoying the night sky, these fun fire pits will keep you warm while the smoke keeps the mosquitoes at bay. 

Laura EngenComment