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Frequently Asked Questions


What does an Interior Designer Do?

My job as an Interior Designer is to uncover your style preferences and lifestyle needs so we can create a design that not only looks beautiful but functions for you and everyone who uses the space. We bring fresh ideas and unique products to our clients, beyond what they can imagine. 

At LEID we: 

  • Assess your pain points and create a sensible plan to solve your needs

  • Help you create a realistic budget and source products within the allowances/timeline

  • Recommend reliable and professional vendors and trades to help execute your project

  • Provide space planning that can include furniture layouts and elevations of built-ins/cabinetry

  • Source, order and install unique products available to the trade

  • Create lasting interiors that you and your family can enjoy for years to come


How much do your services cost?

We offer a number of design packages at different price points to suit your needs. See our Services Page for more info on specific pricing. Full Service Interior Design does not have a flat fee as every project varies greatly but typically design fee’s start at $2500, with a project budget minimum of $25,000.  We provide a custom estimate before doing any project giving a range of hours so the client knows what to expect. 


What does the process look like?

We try to make the process as simple as possible but there are a lot of  details along the way we don’t want to miss- we’ve broken our process down into 4 phases to show you how we execute each project from start to finish, see our Process Page for more info. To get started fill out our Inquiry Form on our Contact Page, then we’ll reach out to set up a phone call. 


What is the Timeline for a typical project?

Every project is going to vary depending on the scope of work, how quickly you make decisions and our vendors. 

Typically we can complete a Living Space in 12-14 weeks (3 weeks for on-boarding & design, 8-10 weeks for custom furniture orders, 1 week for delivery/install and accessories). See our Process Page for more details. 

Remodels take a bit longer, we can typically complete the designs, plans and finish selections  in 4-6 weeks, but the actual demo/construction/install takes 12-16 weeks sometimes more depending on the size and detail of the project. In other words don’t be shocked if your contractor tells you your bathroom will be torn up for 3-4 months. Anyone who says they can do it in a few weeks may not be trustworthy and will ultimately end in disappointment.  


Do you sell furniture or interior finishes and how does that work?

Yes! We have wonderful vendors who we work with to source unique furniture, rugs, lighting, art and accessories available to trade and provide a discount on products when purchasing through us. Factors like style, timeline and budget will determine the quality level and which vendors we use for each project. When we’re dealing with a tighter budget we like to use a high-low mix- using quality pieces where it counts (like upholstery) and retail items for things like pillows and accent pieces. Retail items items can be purchased by the homeowner (a shopping list will be made available) and to the trade items will be purchased by the designer. 

Did you know we can also provide other interior products like flooring, wallpaper, window treatments, lighting  and more? 


Do you have any minimums?

Some of our packages are priced as a flat fee so you know exactly what you’re getting. For more involved projects we ask all new clients to do an Initial Consultation for $500 which may be all you need to get the design advice you’re looking for or might be the starting point for a larger project. If you move forward with Full Service Interior Design we apply your consultation fee towards your first months invoice. We do not have any minimums for furniture orders or require that you purchase through us. 


How do you bill for your time?

For flat fee packages we collect payment up front before any work can begin. For Full Service Interior Design we keep track of our time in 15 minute increments and bill at an hourly rate of $150/hr and $75/hr for drive time. If we’re getting close to using the estimated number of hours we notify the client to confirm they want us to proceed with our services. Time Billing will be invoiced on a monthly basis and is due upon receipt. Any invoices not paid within 30 days are subject to a late fee. We accept credit card or check for all services and proposals. 


Can you help me decorate with my existing pieces?

Absolutely! We believe it's important to use meaningful pieces in your space to create a unique look that's specific to you. We will review and measure these pieces at our Initial Consultation so we can include them in our designs. If you’re just looking to rearrange your existing furniture/accessories (not purchase new) we can do that too- this falls in our Designer for a Day Package, visit our Services Page to learn more.


What if I want to purchase everything on my own but just need a little help pulling it together?

No problem. This falls in our Design Direction Package (also known as “E-Design”), we can do this locally or virtually. We will put together a design plan for you (furniture layout with sizes and spacing, inspiration images, colors and recommendations on furniture/rug/lighting/art/accessories). Then you take the design board & shopping list and purchase the items at your own pace. Visit our Services Page to learn more.


I’m thinking of remodeling or building- Should I hire the contractor or the designer first?

Ideally it's best if we have a Contractor/Architect/Designer all brought on board at the same time. I find that a team approach to any project is the most successful method. If you hire one before the other it usually results in someone having to re-do their work- sometimes the contractor doesn’t have realistic allowances based on the homeowners vision, or we may get through the design phase and find out we’re way over budget and have to reselect. If we work together as a team from the beginning we can establish a realistic budget and timeline so we’re all on the same page.


Can you help pick paint colors?

Yes! We have a Paint Consultation Package designed specifically for this- its $250 for a 45 minute in person meeting where we select paint colors and follow up with a list of the colors we decided on, along with any other information we discussed at the house. See our Services page to learn more.


How would you describe your personal style

Classic and Livable. I live with my husband, 2 little boys and our dog Lucy in our “fixer upper” as I call it. I never want our house to be so formal that we can’t kick our feet up while we’re watching TV in our living room. However I want to wake up everyday and be inspired by my home- it's important to me to surround myself with the things I love. 


How often should I expect Communication with you, and how to do prefer to communicate?

Email and phone are the best methods of communication. I will do my best to respond to all emails and calls within 1 business day but sometimes we’re caught in the field for site visits and meetings so please be patient if we don’t get back to you right away. Regular check-ins can be expected in order to provide status updates on your project, or to schedule appointments as needed through-out the process.


What are your business hours?

We are available for Communication and Meetings Monday - Friday 9am - 3:30pm with occasional meetings in the evenings or weekends. Typically our first couple meetings are at the clients home, then we are able to conduct most of our follow up work and communication online to keep things moving along. I have a family with young kids and my time at home with them is precious. I ask that you respect my personal time and try to keep all communication during business hours. 


How do I hire you?

Visit our Services and Process Page to see if you think we’re a good fit

Apply to work with us- you can find the Inquiry Form on our Contact Page

We will reach out to set up a Phone Call and discuss your project