image source:  R. Cartwright Design

image source: R. Cartwright Design

Spring is in the air and in my opinion, there’s no better way to celebrate than by adding bright colorful touches around the house. So, what’s the quickest and most impactful way to do that without having to redo all of your décor? Fresh florals, of course! A vase or two placed throughout your home can help to lighten the mood and keep things moving towards those warmer temps (even if we do get a random April snowstorm occasionally thrown into the mix). If you’re not sure where to start, be sure to check out today’s guide. I’ll help you create all kinds of styling inspiration – no matter how masculine or feminine your tastes are.




image source:  Heidi Caillier Design

image source: Heidi Caillier Design

Budding & flowering branches are definitely coming to a head this time of year, so I love arranging them in a vase in my home. Since they are taller than your typical floral arrangements, I recommend adding them to mantels or on top of cabinets or console tables, and my favorite branches to use are curly willow and pussy willow. The best part about incorporating these into your décor, too, is that they can be used year-round – as long as you’re careful, you can let them dry out and display them well beyond spring. Not a bad way to add a bit of drama to your home, wouldn’t you say?


image source:  Shelley Johnstone

image source: Shelley Johnstone

While clear vases are nice, there’s no reason you always have to use them to display your florals. Think outside the box this spring and go for containers that are unique and whimsical. Consider what you already have around the house – pitchers, ceramic or porcelain jars, an interesting canning jar, you name it – and use that as your vase base instead. Your home will maintain that eclectic and collected vibe, and your florals will feel right at home, blending seamlessly into your décor style.


image source:  Pinterest

image source: Pinterest

Does the idea of “arranging florals” make you want to run away? I totally get it – sometimes when you see those gorgeous arrangements on Pinterest for weddings and events, it can feel like a pro-only job that is way out of your league. But there’s actually a crazy simple way to do it at home while still having a pro-worthy visual impact. All you have to do is gather lots of stems all in the same color and variety, cut the stems the same length, and pop them into a single vase. The result is a super chic and simple arrangement that instantly wows.


image source:  Amber Interiors

image source: Amber Interiors

For those of you who are more “meh” about flowers in general or prefer a more masculine vibe, you can still get the same spring impact from displaying a bunch of lush leafy greens in your home. The nice thing with greenery as opposed to florals, too, is that they can be casually arranged in a container and be as messy or precise as you like. Because of their texture and shape, you really can’t go wrong however you decide to display them.

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