During the holidays, winter can be magical and exciting. But for many of us here in Minnesota, January often means the kick off for those winter blues (4 more months to go – yikes!). So this month, I’m talking all things home décor and sharing my top tips with you on how to make your home cozy and functional for this season. You’ll have a stylish abode in no time, and you’ll love spending time inside so much that spring will be here before you know it. Stay warm out there and Happy New Year!




If you’re the type of person who loves to change out artwork from time to time, then a picture ledge is a total must have. It’s easy breezy to move things around, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about repairing or refilling any nail holes – simply lean your pieces against the wall and they’re ready to go. When you’re picking out your artwork, though, remember that variety is key. Be sure to keep things feeling eclectic by mixing and matching different frame colors, matte sizes, horizontal and vertical prints, and layering everything from photos to landscape art.


Baskets for blankets are one of my go-to decor elements. But lately, I’ve been absolutely in love with wall ladders. After all, here in Minnesota, when the temps drop, you can never get enough layers! Wall ladders aren’t just practical, either – they also double up as structural art in a room and make for an interesting display. Layer up cozy wools and plaids in complementary colors and patterns for the winter, then easily transition to spring with brighter colors and lighter-weight fabrics.


Think outside the box by using woven baskets or bowls as wall art. With endless possibilities to layer unique textures and prints, you can go as wild or minimalist as you want. In fact, when you opt for baskets or bowls as art, there are no rules to follow. You could try keeping it monochromatic and symmetrical for an ordered and organized look. Or, opt for lots of colors and sizes to go for a more whimsical mix. Whatever your style, the best part about collections like these is that they can be easily added to or changed over time.


Who doesn’t love a soft and magical glow at night (especially in the winter)?! I love incorporating lanterns into décor because not only does it help to bring the outdoors in, but it also adds an architectural element to the space. If open flames aren’t your jam, try mounting your lanterns on a wall and adding flameless candles - if you put them on a timer, they’ll turn on automatically at dusk and then off again after several hours, which is perfect for enjoying those cozy winter nights at home!

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